Your Signature Scent & Sensory Marketing Services

What is Sensory Marketing?

Sensory marketing is when a business uses many different senses to create a positive impression for a brand. Appealing to multiple senses and sensory cues helps in winning a customer’s attention and trust by appealing to each of the five senses. Using sensory marketing tactics involves finding creative ways to appeal to the needs and wants of customers, and to make a lasting impression through unique marketing tools that can trigger sensory stimuli.

Healingarts & Sensory Marketing With Scent

Healingarts create sensorial experiences for businesses. The sense of smell is the most direct link to the brain in human beings. A particular smell can trigger memories and can affect decisions very quickly. 

While not a lot of brands have managed to incorporate scents into marketing, it is still being used by a few companies.

Healingarts have already successfully created a signature scent for Uzumaki, a Chinese restaurant in central London. 

If you are interested to try this approach to make your business memorable get in touch.

*The goal is to make your business unforgettable*

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