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Art & Meditation For New And Expecting Mums | 4 sessions

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Art & Meditation For New And Expecting Mums | 4 sessions

This is not about the baby; this is about you. Why? Because I believe if Mama feels good, then baby feels good too. So let’s relax and loosen up with Art!

There are so many things on our minds during this life-changing experience of becoming a mother. It can feel like there is an unbreakable line of thoughts that is always on. How big is the space in your mind when you focus on the good, the positive potential before you, instead of problems and anxiety?

How often do you put your life on hold and devote time and attention just to yourself?

When you’re pregnant or have a baby in your arms, connecting with yourself is more important than ever.

So take a break.

We will draw our vibes, reflect on ourselves, and recognise our feminine nature along the journey.

Benefits of drawing:

The Benefits of Sketching/Painting/Drawing

Sketching/Painting/Drawing are exercises for the hand, mind, and eyes, and the activity provides benefits that can be applied to many aspects of life, from work to relationships. Understand how you can utilise the healing capabilities and cognitive benefits of drawing, outlined below.

1. Enhances Creativity

According to research from the National Center of Biotechnology Information, drawing enables the ability to think differently, encouraging open-ended thought and creativity. The personal development and problem-solving skills that emerge from uninterrupted sketching can be applied to everyday occurrences. These traits enable critical thinking skills, which can produce new insights and creative thoughts.

2. Strengthens Focus and Strategic Thinking

In addition to creativity, there are cognitive and cerebral benefits to sketching. We use our brains when we draw, and this not only releases endorphins but helps build new connections and pathways. When drawing, we actively use both sides of our brain, the right for creativity and the left for logical thinking. This strengthens both and helps develop the ability to focus and think strategically.

3. Improves Holistic Health

Drawing, like many other art forms, aids in relaxation and stress relief by forcing us to pay attention to details in the environment, which mimics the experience of meditation. Spontaneous drawing is also said to relieve stress and improve focus, relieving your brain from the strain of continuous concentration. This, in turn, allows you to relax.

4. Develops Communication Skills

Sketching is a visual language comprising symbols, notations, lines and figural representations. Without words, an artist must find a way to communicate through pictorial representations, and this affords us better decision-making skills. It also provides the ability to better understand feelings and emotions without focusing on the meaning of the specific text.

5. Helps Coordination

The more we draw, the more our hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills develop. With continuous line drawing and blind contour drawing, for example, artists are forced to rely on their instincts, using both senses of sight and touch. According to Jeremy P. Tarcher, author of The New Side of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, as you sketch without looking at the paper, the left side of your brain begins to reject the details and complexities of spatial awareness, allowing the right side of your brain to take over. This, in turn, allows artists to trust the movement of their hands instead of relying on memorized drawing patterns, improving overall coordination.

Drawing Improves Your Mood

There are a variety of easy drawing ideas that can be leveraged to improve mood. Whether drawing mindlessly or meticulously completing figural illustrations!

Things to consider:
This is a zoom session, the session will last 1 hour to make a space for yourself: light candles and add your favourite fragrances. Please book your session after you place the payment, see the booking option on the menu.
I’ll begin the session by showing you how to make my traditional herbal tea before we draw. You should bring your favourite beverage, as well as your favourite art supplies. Coloured pencils would work well, or anything with colours.

Explain to your homies that Mama is taking some time out 💜