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Distant Healing / 4 Sessions for Balancing & Uplifting Your Energy

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During the distant healing I will cleanse & energise your body. This sessions are for you if you are going through transitions, change, fear, grief, sadness, loss, trauma, uncertainty. The sessions last 1 hour each.

The benefits of distant healing:

  • It might relieves pain, anxiety, and fatigue
  • Might help with depression
  • Enhances quality of life
  • Boosts mood
  • May help amplifying the healing with some symptoms and conditions

The healing experience is very personal and the healing benefits can be experienced straight away or after a few sessions. 

What to expect? When it comes to healing It is better to stay open and not to hold any expectations, at the same time please set a loving intention for your healing journey. At the end of the session I will provide with a tailored wellbeing routine practise/ healing tips so that you can stay balanced and at peace for long. 

Please after placing the payment book your session, find the calendar on the main menu. Note: The sessions need to happen preferably in the same week to get the most out of the healing. 


Moana x




Legal Disclaimer: As a healer I need to communicate that distant healing is not proved to cure disease but it might help and support your healing process.