Healing with Flower Essences

Healing with Flower Essences

There is something very mysterious about flower essences. There are lots of models explaining how they work but the truth is we cannot really mesasure their effectiveness. In spite of that, we know that they really work!

Flower essences aim to bring balance to the psyche by flooding the mind with their positive virtues. They really catalyze deep healing on a psycological and spiritual level.

Flower essences just like any true medicine, make you more yourself. Their gentle power is able to restore your proper balance, aligning you with your true self. The vibrational nature of an essence reveals many of the unseen and unacknowledged patterns within us. As the patterns come to the surface, at first we seek to reject them, because we wish to believe they are not of our true nature, for instance, we would say: The remedy made me feel this way. Remember the remedy cannot make you say or do anything that you do not wish to do.

Just like sparkling light, the remedy can bring light to dark places, illuminating and revealing the unseen. Essences can really help make tremendous leaps in our evolution. Their power dissolves transmutes and break down unnecessary patterns, making space and creating shifts in consciousness. 

My own journey in using these beautiful remedies as healing tool started very early in my life. Growing up I was very sensitive and empathic, in my teen hood I was very insecure and I lacked focus cause my environment brought me up to feel unsafe, unstable and in a constant survivor mode. I was 15 years old, I was visiting a dear friend of mine, her mum was graduating in flower therapy at that time, and my friend was given the keys and access to these amazing remedies. I didn't know anything about flower remedies at that time, I told my friend about how I was feeling anxious and insecure so she put a few drops of Rescue Remedy into my karkade tea. This was the moment that my life changed completely! The remedies were acting instantly and as the days were passing by experimenting with these flowers on me I was feeling and building such a strong connection with them. I used the remedies for myself and my grandmother's depression for a few months, something was finally working!

After 4 years, I was finishing college, deciding what to study at university and having my first ever boyfriend. Deciding what skill to develop was very hard as I used to live in a small village and the university I was looking at were all based far away. Eventually, after a few months, I had to move to North Italy for my studies while having a very hard distance relationship. In the same year, my brother had an accident which brought him to lose part of his eyesight, I felt very unwell being apart from him so I gave up my studies, coming back to my village to be close to him and in the meantime my first ever relationship finally ended. I had a lot of repressed feelings, and I was so angry at that guy, completely sad and worried for my brother, my grandmother's Alzheimer and my future. As a response to all this emotional accumulation, I started suffering from random panic attacks. They were strong, scary and were happening at any moment and very unexpectedly. My body used to get paralysed, I was feeling bad, scared and powerless.

I started looking for solutions, and techniques to help me take my power back. As they say, we start looking for light when we are in the dark.. it is true.. in fact, this was the moment when once again I restarted to hand my life to my lovely flowers. After taking the remedies my panic attacks have first been managed and then completely disappeared after only a few months. 

Healing with these beautiful remedies is possible, it needs accountability, time and patience. You need to be accountable for your own healing. 

I was very lucky because during that year I came closer to many mentors and healing modalities, at the age of 24 I moved to the UK, studied at the Bach Center and with the amazing Y. White. I became a flower therapist practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher. I use the remedies daily in my spiritual practice and in my products. The way I use them goes beyond the traditional way you might see it listed in their instructions in the health store.

My love for these remedies now brought me to create my own flower remedies blends and to offer flower essences consultations. I hope my experience will inspire you to work with these beautiful helpers and in future to work with me.

Love & Gratitude,

Moana xx 



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