Healingarts | About us

HealingArts is a family business, Moana is a master healer with herbalism, nutrition, aromatherapy, flower and crystal therapy expertise. We share a love for nature, consciousness, spirituality and natural remedies. Moana's healing journey brought her to explore different healing approaches, and techniques. In her journey energy healing, herbs and flowers were essential. Moana's passion for oils, essences & creativity brought her to expand and create custom products & signature scents also for businesses. She creates sensory marketing experiences for businesses.

About the products:

The products are a bridge to ancient remedies coming from all over the world. The goal is to empower people & businesses to embrace their highest potential with the use of healing, botanicals, flowers & herbs.

Handmade with loving intention in her kitchen using the finest ingredients. We have a strong love for wildlife and the environment therefore we choose ethical resources and the finest ingredients to make them. They are vegan, organic, natural and free from heavy metals or additives! (They are 100% environmentally friendly).

We have a beautiful mission in our hearts, our mission is to support people and heal our planet.

If you share the same love, we'd love to work & collaborate with others, reach out if our work resonates with you.


Moana x