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Reclaim your power and regenerate your soul & body with our natural, nourishing, intuitive and loving mixes of herbs, flowers, gemstones, and oil concoctions.

We invite you to create the time & space for the personal connection you deserve.

Our recipes are a bridge to ancient remedies, herbalism, astrology and energy healing.

Jump into the unlimited possibilities that the universe has to offer. Connect with the power of healing & herbs and CREATE the life you desire from a place of authenticity, peace and relaxation.

Rewire, Uplift & Align Your Energy

Do you feel overwhelmed, anxious or disconnected from yourself?

Would you like to grow in confidence and feel empowered?

Would you like to find ways to calm your anxiety?

Would you like to experience loving relationships?

Would you like to create a job that is aligned with your gifts?

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  • I received Reiki from Moana and left the session floating into bed. Felt so relaxed and taken care of. Whatever she did worked a treat. Would highly recomrecommend , such a beautiful soul and truly gifted.


  • I’ve experienced Moana’s reiki (Japanese energy healing), life coaching and custom flower remedy/herbal tincture. When we first met, it amazed me how someone could shift so easily from being very practical to being totally intuitive so easily. There’s no BS and her passion is infectious. I feel really inspired after working with her and I really like adding my flower oil drops to water each day - it’s special having that connection with nature and knowing that this potion was concocted to help me with my personal challenges.


  • Moana has a true gift for healing and creating really beautiful herbal sprays and oils. Using them enhances my day, bringing uplifting and grounding energy to self-care and rituals. The grounding and protection spray smells incredible and instantly brings a feeling of freshness and clarity, and the bespoke massage oil is really beautiful too - it feels so luxurious and special. I cant wait to try more of these intuitive herbal creations and experience their medicine.