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Reclaim your power and regenerate your soul & body with energy healing & natural, nourishing, intuitive and loving mixes of herbs, flowers, gemstones, and oil concoctions.

Healingarts invite you to create the time & space for the personal connection you deserve.

My offerings are a bridge to ancient remedies, herbalism, astrology, curanderismo and energy healing.

Jump into the unlimited possibilities that the universe has to offer. Connect with the power of healing & herbs and CREATE the life you desire from a place of authenticity, peace and relaxation.

Roots of wellness- Indian Edible Herbal Plants- Online Classes

Roots of wellness - Exploring is a new offering in collaboration with my Teacher Dhanalakshmi, based in Tamil Nadu. Our online classes will allow you to explore indian plants & herbs and learn about their healing properties and how to implement it in your daily life. The sessions are interactive and practical, you will learn how to make your own remedies, and cook with it at home for yourself and your family. The human body is a herbal body, you will be Implementing lots of goodness in your meal and learn new recipes and bring back vitality in your life. Click the button to learn more and book your class.

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Custom Elixirs

Elevate your holistic journey with our exquisite Custom Essence Elixirs. Immerse yourself in a world of personalized aromatic experiences, where nature's essence and your unique aspirations converge. Crafted with love, these elixirs are more than just oils – they're a reflection of your inner desires and intentions.

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