Ritual Baths - Be your own Healer

Ritual Baths - Be your own Healer

The therapeutic benefits of ritual baths have been used for centuries all around the world. We already know about the healing power of water and what we experience goes beyond body relaxation. Water, herbs, and gemstones enhance soul transformation. If you are called into ritual baths be ready to experience amazing shifts!

Ritual Baths with their mix of herbs, oils and gemstones can help you channel your creativity and activate powerful insights, establish and strengthen boundaries, or even heal from deep, psychic pain. 

Take it slow when you decide to use this practice, take time to tune in and ask yourself: what's my intention? What do I wish to create o release? The intention we use is key.

Choose your herbs and gems carefully as they will enhance the energy for you to create. Each of them holds different meanings and powers. 

When taking your bath, consider the current phase of the moon. We can feel so grounded by connecting with nature through our baths and aligning ourselves with the moon. The full moon is a great time for reflections, releasing and revelations, while the new moon is a great time for setting intentions and creating.

If it's time for your ritual, create a safe space, smudge the room, and place 4 smoky quarts in each corner for protection. Call in your spirit guides, angels and beings of light. Dim the light, put on your favourite music and soak for at least 20 minutes. Visualise what you wish to create or release in detail, and hold on to sensations of love and joy. 

When you finish remember to keep hydrated, sip a nice cup of herbal tea and stay in the loving energy you created for as long as you like.

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Love & Light,

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