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Tailored Flower Remedies & Pre-Consultation

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This session is designed to go to the root cause of your blockages, pain, pattern & behaviour. 

Discover the world of plant frequencies, quantum and fractal potential and heal your life. We will go deep and understand the underlying issues that might prevent the healing & flow. 

This service is designed to help people to deal with the sad, painful and traumatic experiences that we all suffer with throughout our lives. 

Emotions interfere with function which then creates physical imbalance. Through stabilising the emotional issues in our lives, we may then recover from the physical manifestation.

Flowers are subtle, vibrational remedies that work with emotional healing. The energy of the flowers work on the emotions in amazing ways, bringing in more calmness, focus, stability, open heart, confidence and grounding.

This product include a 30 min pre-consultation via call + questionary. 

Once the consultation is over I will prepare and ship your custom magic blend.

The product is very easy to use, I will send you the instructions.

QTY- 30ml