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''Spring'' - Pre-Order Your Limited Custom Elixir - Your Unique Blend for Holistic Healing

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Introducing Our Personalized Custom Elixir: Your Unique Blend for Holistic Healing

Unveil the power of personalized wellness with my Custom Elixir—a meticulously crafted blend that harmonizes botanicals, therapeutic oils, the art of aromatherapy, and the wisdom of medical astrology. Tailored to meet your individual needs and crafted with intention, this elixir is more than just a fragrance; it's a holistic journey towards your well-being.

The Alchemy Behind the Elixir:

Infused with a blend of hand-selected botanicals and healing oils, our elixir transcends traditional scents. Each ingredient is chosen with care, resonating with the essence of medical astrology to address your unique concerns and energies.

Customization for You:

The process begins by understanding your specific needs, aligning with the energies that nurture and heal. Whether seeking tranquillity, energy alignment, or emotional balance, I use the insights of medical astrology to create a personalized scent and blend that resonates with your individual aura.


  • Holistic Healing: Experience the power of botanicals and aromatherapy working in harmony to promote emotional, physical, and spiritual balance.

  • Personalized Aromatherapy: Your scent is uniquely crafted to align with your astrological makeup, fostering a sense of harmony and well-being.

  • Energy Alignment: Imbibe the energies you seek, whether it's calmness, focus, or vitality, through the personalized blend designed just for you.

How to Experience:

Apply a few drops onto pulse points, spray it around your body or add to a diffuser to immerse yourself in the essence of your personalized elixir. Embrace the journey of self-discovery and healing as the blend interacts with your aura, uplifting and nurturing your inner self.

Embrace Your Unique Harmony:

Let our Custom Elixir be your guide on the path to self-discovery and healing. Embrace the fusion of ancient wisdom, botanical wonders, and celestial guidance to create an elixir that's as unique as you are.

Indulge in the magic of personalized healing with our Custom Elixir and unlock the potential for holistic well-being, one aromatic drop at a time.

The spray will be shipped in march, get ready to experience something unique! Leave a note with your details and needs or I will intuitively tap into your needs and create something for you. 


Moana x